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TRIBECA SERIES: RESOURCES, PROGRAMS and AWARDS with Director of Artist Programs Bryce Norbitz

I am thrilled to connect with Bryce Norbitz, the Director of Artist Programs at Tribeca Studios. She works on various programs that help filmmakers create their work.

I was originally drawn to learning about the  ⁠Kickstart with Canva: A Creative Program in collaboration with Tribeca which offers 3 free workshops with Canva.

  • If you go to 2/3 workshops, you are eligible to apply for the $20,000 Kickstart Awards. 5 winners will get support from Canva and Tribeca Studios to help with their development.

  • Going to one workshop will give you 6 months of CANVA Pro subscription for FREE. As someone who subscribes to Canva Pro, I LOVE THIS.

We also discuss The Tribeca CHANEL Women's Filmmaker Program which seeks emerging women and non-binary screenwriters and directors in the US. Filmmakers must have a production ready script and be able to share at least one previous directing work. Finalists attend a 3 day program which includes hands on consultation, master classes, one-on-one and peer sessions, and industry networking. One winner will receive an $80,000 grant to produce their short film. Four additional participants will receive a $5,000 development prize.

Lastly, there's the AT&T Untold Stories⁠ which helps emerging and underrepresented filmmakers with a pitch competition. The winner will receive $1 million dollars to take their pitch from idea to full-length feature film that will premiere at next years 2025 Tribeca Festival.

Listen to the episode HERE on Apple Podcasts and HERE on Spotify. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

BRYCE NORBITZ is currently the Director of Artist Programs at Tribeca Studios, where they oversee filmmaker development programming. Prior to this, they served as the Director of the Stowe Launch Program at Stowe Story Labs. Bryce also has extensive experience at the Tribeca Film Institute, where they held various roles including Director of Scripted Programs, Manager of Artist Programs, and Coordinator of Artist Programs. Bryce supported both scripted and documentary programming, executed events, reviewed submissions, and provided creative feedback and mentorship to filmmakers.

Session #2 (July, remotely, max 300 creators) - DETAILS COMING SOON

Session #3 (August, remotely, max 300 creators) - DETAILS COMING SOON



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