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Becoming... Talent Manager Ingrid French (Insider Tips and Industry Insights)

INGRID FRENCH is a personal manager and owner of Ingrid French Management, a dynamic talent management company. IFM represents actors and models for commercial print, commercials, television, film, theatre and voice overs. IFM has recently booked clients for several commercial print campaigns including Verizon, GAP, Johnson and Johnson, and Target; for commercials such as T-Mobile, Graco, Amazon Fire Phone, Kraft, Bacardi, Olive Garden, Fed-Ex, Nike, Toyota and Heineken; and voice- overs for Yuengling, Smirnoff, Blue Buffalo, Philips and Yellow Tail. IFM has booked actors on Law and Order SVU, Crime, Person of Interest, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Blacklist, KC Undercover, Boardwalk Empire, Happyish, The Knick and Orange is the New Black to name a few. Recent feature film and independent project bookings include The Wolf of Wall Street, Daughter of God, Brooklyn.

In this episode, we talk about: • Starting off as an agent's assistant and how similar/different it is to now • Difference between agent and manager • Freelance vs signing actors and the benefits of both • Is she looking for talent during the strike • How she hears about new actors and does she look at website submissions from actors that aren’t referred • Suggestions for actors that they can do right now to be a better actor, including habits she can recommend • What makes her interested in an actor and what does she look for. Does location matter? Does she like a cover letter? • What her happy/satisfied clients seem to have in common • When she think its appropriate to push for an actor and what she needs from an actor right now to help with pushes • Who should actors be connecting with aside from Casting Directors



Talent Manager Ingrid French of IFM



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